Warrior Week

Warrior Week invites our active duty service members to participate in various recreational and therapeutic activities.

Warrior Week social and educational events facilitate interactions between military and civilians and provide an opportunity for the civilian community to see that our service members are more than brave people keeping them safe. These common unifying experiences between the military service members and civilians lets the military know they are supported, valued, and respected by their country.

USO Nevada Warrior Week:

  • Provides a unique opportunity for the community to show their appreciation for our military service members
  • Aims to serve troops in remote/tough duty bases such as Creech AFB, Nellis, Fort Irwin NTC, Twentynine Palms MCAGCC, etc.
  • Strengthens relationships between the public and those who keep our country safe

USO Nevada Warrior Week 2020 kicks off our inaugural E-Gaming Tournament series. Hundreds of military service members and their families will enjoy the following weekend festivities:

  • Welcome Reception
  • Entertainment
  • Outdoor Recreational Activities
  • Military Dining Out Events
  • And More!

*Certain activities or the event itself is subject to change due to COVID-19-related restrictions that may be established by the military, government or corporate participants.

USO Nevada Warrior Week Sponsorship Deck Opportunities are now available!

Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Jim Van Wicklin at jvanwicklin@uso.org or (615)278-6555 to learn more about how you can get involved.

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