As the nation’s leading organization to serve the men and women in the military, and their families, the USO remains in close alignment with military commands and goes where no other nonprofit goes to support the emergent needs of our Armed Forces. With the scale and scope of the USO, we are best positioned to mobilize and help service members and military families being impacted by the coronavirus outbreak – at home and around the world.


During this unprecedented time of social distancing, quarantines, and isolation, the USO’s mission of strengthening service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country is more critical than ever before. COVID-19 is a global health emergency impacting everyone. For our troops and military families, this pandemic is creating additional hardships for individuals who are already sacrificing while they continue to serve the county and carry out missions around the world.

ISOLATION: Thousands of troops and families restricted to base or ships and some are under precautionary quarantine or in isolation

DEPLOYMENT: National Guardsmen deployed to support civil authorities in areas being hit hardest by the coronavirus. Thousands are being called up

PCS SEASON: Travel restrictions enforced just as Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moving season begins with hundreds of families now separated from their items already shipped overseas

FAMILY: Military spouses, who often find themselves managing as a single parent, are now also dealing with childcare closures and homeschooling. Many are balancing this new normal while still working and some have lost their jobs


As the COVID-19 outbreak is quickly evolving, the USO has pivoted resources across the county in an approach that helps care for military members and their families, while also aiding in reducing the spread of the virus. During this unprecedented time as of May 5th, we have provided 11,178 service instances across Nevada to our troops combating COVID-19 on the frontlines. A few examples of USO Nevada’s support in action includes:

  • USO Nevada has provided toiletries, snacks and other support to hundreds of those who cannot leave their quarters at Nellis Air Force Base

  • USO Nevada continues to source and distribute in-kind donations of juice, sodas and snack packs to troops including those in the dorms at Nellis Air Force Base.

  • USO Nevada is delivering a touch of home to families and supporting local businesses through this tough economic time by providing box lunches in partnership with Jimmy Johns to troops at Nellis AFB and by providing a Dinner on the USO family meals to any military family in Las Vegas in partnership with a local restaurant.

  • As restrictions change and families are at home, USO Nevada is adapting traditional programs for virtual delivery, including story-time for families, virtual fun for kids (see our Easter booklet below), health and wellness for spouses and service members, and live engagements with celebrities and athletes.


To ensure the USO keeps pace with emerging needs and opportunities as the Coronavirus evolves, we have launched the Combat COVID-19 Initiative to raise $3 Million in new resources to support needs described above and innovations in mission delivery in a rapidly shifting landscape of need.


To support the USO, please contact Tim Mullin, Executive Director, at 702-768-9295 or

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