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New Year's Eve 2017 Pre-Deployment Dinner, Nevada National Guard

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15th ATKS Sunset Party 2018

USO Nevada provides a “home away from home,” improves the quality of life, and builds a sense of community for the 32,245 active duty troops, 4,760 National Guard personnel, Reservist, and their families based in Southern Nevada. Our Warrior and Family Care Programs are a unique blend of morale-boosting and family-strengthening programs, deployment and re-deployment support, resiliency training for families facing multiple deployments, discreet and compassionate support for Families of the Fallen, as well as supporting military Family Days, Spring Flings, Holiday events, BBQs and other morale-boosting events. Our goal is to improve the health, welfare and quality of life of local service members and military families who often have nowhere to go or turn for support while stationed in our community.

Each month we’re supporting on average 15 events in our local military community. Depending on the ask, we come ready to barbecue, serve coffee and donuts, or just spread some USO cheer!

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